The Big Bang Theory – The Friendship Algorithm

Season 2, episode 13 Sheldon displays his friendship algorithm as a flow chart, and tests it. (this belongs to CBS, not me, I’m just enlightening you with Sh… Video Rating: 4 / 5

DIY Wrap Bracelet / Stacked Friendship Bracelets EASY How To Make

INSTAGRAM: LifeAnnStyle ( BLOG: TWITTER FACEBOOK: PINTEREST: VLOGCHANNEL: Materials: Suede Cord and chain are purchased from AC Moore craft store. You can also buy the chain on And the suede here: Thin… Continue reading

MLP: Friendship is Magic RaNd0Mn3S5 #2

Yeah I decided to make another one. I’m really having a blast making these, but they’re really hard to make at the same time so I really hope you like the result. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic ¬©Hasbro

Friendship is Witchcraft – “Neigh, Soul Sister” (5)

Episode 5 Synopsis: When Rarity and Sweetie Belle get into a silly fight over whether or not they both have souls, it’s up to the Apple family to teach them what being a sister truly means. Meanwhile, Twilight Sparkle learns… Continue reading

My Little Pony Friendship is Magic – Season 3 – Failure Success Song

Season 3 Episode TBA LYRICS I was prepared to do my best Thought I could handle any test For I can do so many tricks But I wasn’t prepared for this Levitation would have been a breeze Facts and figures… Continue reading

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