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Ça va, Cowboy?
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Saw this pinned up on a random post randomly in the middle of Picadilly Circus — I was surprised this movie hadn’t been released in the UK yet! Since, you know, Belgium is like… right there *points*

It’s a great film. Animated (if you could even call this monstrosity animation!) very… uniquely and the script is just so simple yet so complex (ahem).

You’d probably think it was made for children, but perhaps even they would run away crying in fear.

It’s a basic day in the life story of a cowboy, Indian and horse, all of whom are roommates (I say that with a straight face) yet it escalates into a hysterical and chaotic mess of events. What you’re left with is 75 minutes of pure fun. Too bad it’s that short.

UK is the second-to-last country to get the film, so if you haven’t already done so… go see it.



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