Would it be slander to have a scene in a script with the Amish growing weed?

Question by Satan Spider: Would it be slander to have a scene in a script with the Amish growing weed?
I’ve heard that the way Amish culture is, they will do anything for money and profit as long as it does not affect them. I roomed with a guy who was from Lebanon, Pennsylvania, and he says the surronding rural PA area is full of alot of rural poor trailer park whites who smoke weed and some do methamphetamines. He also said the Amish run puppy mills and grow marijuana. If they are selling something to the “English” or the outsiders, it is not a sin for them.

The characters in my Soap Opera I’m writing are these guys in their 20s who live on the Jersey-Delaware border (Wilmington-Camden-Philadelphia area) and they come up with schemes for cash. One of their main incomes come from connections with a ghetto youth street gang who sells weed. I’m thinking of having them supply weed to the gang by getting it from the Amish farms in nearby Pennsylvania. I assume the government does not regulate what the Amish grow, and would not suspect to raid them for weed.

In the scene, the Amish farmers have an old rundown watermill on the property of their farm where they have installed a greenhouse roof to the mill, and they have filled the mill up with marijuana plants. So the characters in the story buy the plants in bulk from the Amish, drive over the Jersey-Pennsylvania line, give it to the street gangs to sell to rich kids, and then receive the profits of the dealing.

Would this scene be accurate, or just plain slander?

I’ve also heard alot of rural folk in the Appalachians of PA and WV grow marijuana on their property.

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Answer by Hi honey
Slander, the Amish don’t contribute to the corruption of others! Even to non-christians or non believers.

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