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Bas Labruyère Image by Verloren Jaren Photography by Mick van Herk.

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It’s December 2008. Only a few short months before, I had awakened from my long-lasting, first psychosis. I have just received a response to… Continue reading

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Jessica Biel rejected for Mila Kunis’ role Oh, what could’ve been! Justin Timberlake’s love Jessica Biel unsuccessfully tried out for the lead part of Jamie — which ultimately went to Mila Kunis — in “Friends With Benefits.” Read more on… Continue reading

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Sponsored by THE launch of Age UK Bucks in Friars Square got some added glamour on Saturday as Aylesbury legend John Otway did the honours, and took the chance to film the opening scenes for his latest project – Otway… Continue reading

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Movie Review: Winnie the Pooh Is Sweet Like Hunny Review in a Hurry: It’s trickier than it looks to make a movie that offends absolutely nobody, but Winnie the Pooh is as close as it gets. Neither age-inappropriate nor insultingly… Continue reading

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famousdeathscenes_08_86 Image by BenSpark

Yahoo revenue dips in quarter, shares fall Yahoo Inc. plodded through another disappointing performance in the second quarter, a familiar script that’s wearing thin with exasperated investors. Read more on Los Angeles Times

Behind the increase:… Continue reading

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