Mario Kart Wii – Grumble Volcano Shortcuts & Strategies by CrazyQUINN84

Click here for more Mario Kart Videos – www.youtube.com Hey NinBuzz viewers, CrazyQUINN84 here! In this video, I’ll be showing you all of the strategies and shortcuts you’ll need to know in order to do well on Grumble Volcano while… Continue reading

How to Make a Volcano – easy and mess free

Nice volcano project that is an improvement. Has a removable bottle for easy cleaning and reuse. And a tray to catch all the magma and lava! more instructions and web tutorial on www.stormthecastle.com

How to make a volcano -the improved no mache or plaster way

This project shows you how to make a great working volcano using posterboard rather than paper mache or plaster. It’s easier, faster and perfect for younger children. Takes a half hour and is ready to be decorated and painted then… Continue reading

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