Do It Yourself Apple Fusion Drive on Your Mac – How To – Speed Tests – Benchmarks

Here we offer directions on how to set up your own Fusion Drive on your Mac. We did this in a 2012 13″ MacBook Pro with a 60 GB OCZ Agility 3 SSD and 5400 RPM Seagate HDD mounted in… Continue reading

Voronoi Fracture and Shatter Lab Tests – Blender & Bullet Physics

Series of simple voronoi fracture and shatter tests created using Phymec Tools. Scenes were all setup quickly, simulated in real-time, and rendered overnight. Didn’t bother much with details or texturing. Rigid body / shard count kept reasonably low for these… Continue reading

Ferro Fluid Tests – Magnetic Liquid

Ferrofluid is a liquid that reacts to a magnetic field. It’s usually made from a mixture of oil and tiny iron particles. Today we’re going to look at 4 different demonstrations involving ferrofluid and powerful neodymium magnets. Make sure you… Continue reading

Bit Hero – DevLog Vid 1 – Cutscene tests.

Just trying out a method of showing cutscenes/information in Bit Hero. The style is to tie in with the story (what little there is so far). Don’t know if I’ll use this method as it may interrupt the gameplay too… Continue reading

Disney Tests Appetite for Premium VOD in Portugal

Disney Tests Appetite for Premium VOD in Portugal Pamela McClintock “Tangled” was offered on demand six weeks after the film opened in theaters; the results of experiment were underwhelming. read more Read more on The Hollywood Reporter

Google’s Buys: Morning… Continue reading

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