Sports car design using SolidWorks 2007

As Im not an expert in SolidWorks surface tools, most of this car sufaces are made by using a loft tool. This is not a finished car, I had planes to model it completely but it is to much job,… Continue reading

SolidWorks – Creating High-Resolution Images

Learn how-to create high-resolution images (JPG or TIFF) from SolidWorks. This feature produces better quality images than just taking a screenshot. QuickTips video presented by Mike Spens of GoEngineer ( Video Rating: 4 / 5

SolidWorks Title Blocks in 10 Minutes

Learn how to make your title blocks in SolidWorks!

Constructing a Brass Gavel in SolidWorks

I made this video just for fun. In this video I measure and sketch a brass gavel and then model and assemble it in SolidWorks. I do not recommend actually modeling the knurled surface in SolidWorks as this eats up… Continue reading

SolidWorks 2D Drawing creation demonstration

This video is aimed at giving you a demonstration of basic 2D Drawing techniques using SolidWorks 3D engineering design software. For more information on SolidWorks in the UK, contact Solid Solutions Managment Ltd on 01926 333777 or visit Video Rating: 5 / 5

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