NFA Simulation of a Planing Boat in Waves: View of Bow Looking Up

The video shows a high-speed planing boat accelerating from rest to a constant forward speed in head seas. The boat is permitted to have four degrees of free…

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Augmented Reality Sandbox with Real-Time Water Flow Simulation

Video of a sandbox equipped with a Kinect 3D camera and a projector to project a real-time colored topographic map with contour lines onto the sand surface. The sandbox lets virtual water flow over the surface using a GPU-based simulation… Continue reading

Simulation of computer based test using pdf

An application which simulates computer based test environment when practicing using pdf files ( ). Video Rating: 5 / 5

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Contact Simulation with ABAQUS (Part 2 of 2)

Video produced for the book “Introduction to Python Scripts for ABAQUS — Learn by Example” Main website :

World War 2 Europe Simulation Part 1: 1936 – 1940

Disclaimer: This video was made for entertainment. I do not own any of the music, photographs, or video clips that appear. Sources used: Music used: World at War Documentary Theme Quaritch from Avatar War from Avatar… Continue reading

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