Funny Office Safety Training Retro Video! Hilarious!! ‘You and Office Safety’ – Safetycare free prev

You and Office Safety! is the most hilarious video on Office Safety you will watch! Made in the 1950s, this film is perfect as an eye-catching ice-breaker wh… Video Rating: 4 / 5

hi everyone i am making videos of… Continue reading

Retro Rail Games – Super Mario Bros 2 NES Walkthrough #1 – It’s Shy Guy Love!

COMEDY CHANNEL – Please Like, Share, & Subscribe!! Today we are playing worlds 1-1 and 1-2 in Super Mario Bros 2 on the NES! Super Mario Bros. 2, often abbreviated SMB2 (known in Japan as Super Mario USA), is… Continue reading

Retro Mondays – Castlevania Bloodlines Review

Castlevania Bloodlines Review by Kwing. Bloodlines released in 1994 for the Sega Genesis. Fun fact, this is the only created Castlevania game for a Sega home console. In Europe Bloodlines is known as the New Generation. Have a safe and… Continue reading

Mass Effect 3’s iOS App, Psychonauts 2, Metal Gear Solid HD Vita, and Retro City Rampage!

Today’s DTOID episode returns to our normal format of covering the news. Today’s news includes EA’s newly announced Mass Effect iOS game, a new trailer for upcoming XBLA title Retro City Rampage, yet another Nintendo 3DS price cut, details on… Continue reading

K-News – Retro Studios pulled NEW Wii U Game from E3!

Retro Mondays latest – Lego Batman part 7 – Nintendo’s Press Conference 2012 was rumored to have both a demonstration of Project P-100 and a Trailer for Retro Studios new Wii U game. What did they show off… Continue reading

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