Movie Race 2 – Digital Poster – Releasing 25th Jan 2013

Checkout the First Look of Digital Poster from the movie Race 2. You can now watch the Official Trailer of the movie on below link http://www.youtube.com/wat…

Supercars: The One Gallon Fuel Crisis Race – Top Gear – BBC

With petrol prices rising, the Top Gear team give alternative advice on fuel economy on saving money by racing 5 supercars. The Ferrari 599, Lamborghini Murc…

This tutorial will show you how to look like a haunting vampire. Inspired by… Continue reading

John Hagel: Rethinking Race Against the Machines

John Hagel says we have designed jobs in the US that tend to be “tightly scripted,” “highly standardized,” that leave no room for “individual initiative or creativity.” In short, these are the types of jobs that machines can perform much… Continue reading

Race to Pole Position – Episode 2 – Damn Servers

Welcome back to Race to Pole Position! The beautiful SLS is back and better than ever! Almost maxed out already but as you can see… me and my SLS make a really good team. Seriously though, bring on some more… Continue reading

Mario Kart Wii – Rich Petty Races – Mario Kart Wii Online Hacker Race #50 (with Rich Petty!)

Make sure annotations are on! It makes the video more amusing. I, Yoshiller, am a popular walkthrougher who became a popular MKWii hacker, and eventually, a flat-out popular MKWii racer. It originally began when Shrooby showed me what a hacker… Continue reading

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