How To Create A Custom Facebook Landing Page For Your (Business) Profile in Timeline – Get more information and pictures on how to add a custom landing page and tab to your Facebook profile in Timeline. I hope you like our guide and tutorial on how to set up a Facebook landing page… Continue reading

*NEW* Make An Awesome Facebook Profile Picture (Mac, PC) Facebook Page GO LIKE IT One line: Two line: Three line: No line: Due to the new Facebook, I’ve had to re-create my video on how to create an awesome Facebook profile picture. This… Continue reading

How to make a Professional YouTube Profile Picture (photoshop) [HD]

PLEASE READ: Link to bd-bardust font: Link to screenshots: In this tutorial I’ll be covering the ways in which to create a nice piece of 3d text, we’ll be covering cap effects, materials, some optical flare images and… Continue reading

16×9 – Precious Cargo: Ornge rescue profile

It’s called an ICU on wheels – Ornge rescue is a team of highly trained teams of nurses and paramedics that travel the province to transport the sick or injured from one hospital to another where specialists are standing by.… Continue reading

How to move user profile in Windows 7 to another directory / drive

How to move user profile in Windows 7 to another directory / drive. 1. After installing windows 7 you will be greeted with a user creation prompt press shift+f10 and you should get a cmd window up like in the… Continue reading

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