Lutro0 Customs – Paracord Sleeve Guide

Please Check us out on Facebook for more info! Link: -Video Description Below- ——————————————————————————————- This is the paracord Sleeving Guide to the sleeving series I have started to promote sleeving of PSU and computer cables in general. And help… Continue reading

How to Make a (Paracord) River Bar Bracelet by TIAT

Special Info Link: The River Bar is a fresh way to make a paracord bracelet, or generate a decorative narrow strap of rope.The observant will note the design looks very similar to the pattern of a Chain, or Caterpillar… Continue reading

How to Make Paracord Balls by TIAT

Special Info Link: Paracord Balls are more often seen, than clearly understood. Glancing eyes dismiss them as Monkey’s Fists. More factually, they are the products of rounded Turk’s Heads. Video production by JD of Tying It Al Together.

Woven paracord bracelet/watchband video slideshow

More knotty stuff on my blog: This is a just video slideshow with photos of the process without the typed instructions. For more info, visit the website and search for ‘paracord’ for this tutorial and others… Knot responsibly.… Continue reading

How to Make a Paracord Bracelet (Cobra Weave)

a video showing you how to create a paracord bracelet

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