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WHY BLACK BUSINESSES DONT SURVIVE OFFLINE OR ONLINE? TRUTH EXPOSED – It going to take more then 1 video to help make this change possible! Black Business Builders Club is using the power of video to take Black business owners and entrepreneurs to the next progressive level. Take a… Continue reading

Q&A: how do you take vidoe clips offline and put them into “movie” youre making?

Question by partylikearockstarr33: how do you take vidoe clips offline and put them into “movie” youre making? Im making a movie trailer for an english project. and I found this video of a cat online and i would really… Continue reading

Introduction To Making Money With Offline Marketing and Consulting

Go to My FREE Video Series Reveals How To Earn 6 Figures Doing Simple Online Marketing For Local Businesses Table of Contents Video 1 – Introduction Understand why offline marketing is such a great business model, even in the… Continue reading

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