Mount & Blade Warband – E165 – Rhodok Nightmare I

Violet sieges Teramma Castle and takes it from the Sarranids. 1184 Rhodoks assault Veluca and Violet rides to help the town guards and the troops of Lord Bahestur. Violet and her vassal face the hardest battle of their lives. Click… Continue reading

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare – Walkthrough (Part 13) – Act III: Resolved

Back at the canyon again, to do it all over. Good thing Emma Sloan did all the work in setting things up. I go to check on her first, but got met with some giant Taken with a bladesaw tool.… Continue reading

Freddy Krueger’s Burn MakeUp, Nightmare on Elm Street : …

BFX isn’t done with “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Erik already showed you how to build a Freddy glove, now he shows you how to create his burn make-up. Complete the Freddy look by watching both episodes! Indy Mogul’s Backyard… Continue reading

Elm Street – The Making Of A Nightmare – documentary

Rare VHS documentary detailing the making of A Nightmare On Elm Street 4 – The Dream Master.

Nightmare At 20000 Feet (Part1)

Part 1 of Twilight Zone The Movie, Segment 4, Nightmare At 20000 Feet, starring John Lithgow.

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