Participate in the making of my next video

READ THIS!! So, I’ve decided to do a little something special for you guys: You tell me what characters you want to see and what they should say, and I’m g…

Council aftermath: Next steps for EMU

Comment on European Parliament Facebook page: MEPs welcome advances on banking supervision, but ask where did the …

Sign in to YouTube. Sign in with your YouTube Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to rate Anne Jakowenko’s… Continue reading

The next generation of Traktor Scratch

See the new generation of Traktor Scratch in action in this video, presented by DMC World Champion Rafik and now powered by “Traktor 2 Technology Inside”. The brand-new, streamlined user interface with enhanced TruWave colored waveforms offers a new dimension… Continue reading

Facebook Couples, Beckham Leaving Galaxy, Zoe Saldana’s Next Role

On today’s Brief Chloe dumps on Facebook Couple pages, says goodbye to David Beckham and delves into the controversy surrounding the Nina Simone biopic! First up, if you’re sick and tired of people broadcasting all the mundane details of their… Continue reading

GET ME NAKED – America’s Next Top Model w/Nova Ep.1

Leave a like to become AMERICAS POOP It’s like The Sims, wait it’s EVEN BETTER than The Sims. The voice acting is A++ and the DRAMA MY GOD THE DRAMA! What the hell am i doing playing this… Analflute… Continue reading

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