Everything In Its Right Place [Multifandom]

***WATCH IN 1080p HD*** Multifandom vid made by me, using clips from 22 different films. All clips used in this vid are from public domain trailers. No copyright infringement intended. Films list: Act of Valor, Battleship, Captain America, Chronicle, Cowboys… Continue reading

Multifandom – “Everybody Loves Me” [collab w/ Fran & BOOMprodz]

OMG OMG OMG!!!! Sooooo I’m back with a new video people….buuuut, it’s not just any video…it’s a COLLAB vid with lovely Sister’s SoSa (Sonia & Sarah) & Fran!!! 🙂 I had sooooooo much fun making this video. I’m REALLY happy… Continue reading

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