Seoul City Tour, Korea by Asiatravel.com

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first you will need to open up photoshop. go to file and new for width:1015 and hight:1015 now go to the marquee tool then you can start designing your templ…

안녕[annyeong] – 2011 Interactive Movie – making film_buzz KOREA

You can watch the making of the interactive movie ‘안녕[Annyeong]’ featuring 2PM(Taekyeon, Junsu, Chansung, Junho, Wooyoung) and missA(Suzi, Jia, Min, Fei) as …

How to make a movie of your molecule rotating in PyMol. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Wonderful Adventure Now Korea – Coffee, Crap, and Cats in Hongdae

We wanted to show you the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop and to recreate some of the scenes, but so much got in our way of making that happen: primarily, the Coffee Prince Coffee Shop itself Read the full story over… Continue reading

euronews focus – Taking the pulse of medical tourism in of South Korea

www.euronews.com South Korea has been making a huge effort over the past few years to develop medical tourism as one of its new growth industries. To make life easier for foreign visitors, information centres have been set up to offer… Continue reading


The Hwaseong Fortress is the most famous historic site in South Korea and the centre of Suwon, a city with a population of around a million, is dominated by the impressive looking fortress. The 22nd monarch of the Joseon Dynasty,… Continue reading

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