Official Halo 4 Launch Trailer ‘Scanned’ Long Form

Halo 4: Watch the official Halo 4 Launch Trailer, Scanned. Master Chief’s mind is violated by a powerful new enemy, who in searching for Chief’s weaknesses, …

Halo 4 News – Hayabusa Armor!?

Hayabusa Armor photos appears under the name of a professional, employed by a company that helped 343 with armor making, see more here goo.gl ► Follow my Twitter! twitter.com ►Submit Your Own Maps Go here – halofollower.com ►Submit Your Own… Continue reading

JT Machinima – This is JT Machinima (Halo Battlegrounds)

HALO by patfan8326 and skullkruncher13. We answered your call Project Rooster. Enjoy our video with is a response to Project Roosters call out for a Halo themed rap off. Download Song Here: mediafire.com/jtmachinima Stay updated with us with our twitter… Continue reading

DvLZGaME News – Halo 4 Updates | اخر المعلومات عن هيلو 4

السلام عليكم شباب اتمنى تستفيدون ويعجبكم الفيديو اخبار قود اوف وار: www.youtube.com اخبار سكايرم: www.youtube.com اذا حابين اتساعدون الكوميونتي اضغطوا على زر لايك و اتركوا لنا كومنت رد في الاسفل و اشتركوا بالقناة و اضيفوا الفيديو بالمفضلة .. و ساعدونا… Continue reading

“HALO 4” Leaked Information (Gametypes, Armor Abilities, Multiplier Changes)

Hey Guys Truly Exclusive here to bring you a “Halo 4” multiplayer gameplay/Maps and commentary, in this video i talk about all the new changes and information for Halo 4. This video show gameplay form multiplier, the new multiplier maps,… Continue reading

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