Timber Falls

A young couple, hiking in the mountains, suddenly face a terrifying tale of survival. While skinny dipping in a nearby lake, Sheryl (Brianna Brown) is kidnapped by a psychopathic monster who forces her to participate in a satanic ritual along… Continue reading

Night Falls On Manhattan

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The Slenderman – Ichor Falls’ “Slenderman”

New Mic = I need to get a new wind guard shield thingy… god dammit Oh and welcome to October everyone So I’ve been working on making this: www.creepypastareadersunlimited.com A community site for creepy pasta readers and lsiteners. People all… Continue reading

Symone Black FALLS OFF STAGE! Hollywood Week 2012 – American Idol 2/8/12 SHOW REVIEW!

American Idol 2012 Hollywood Week – Symone Black falls off the stage! Will Symone make it through to the next round? American Idol 2/8/12 EPISODE REVIEW. Going through to the next round: Hallie Day Jessica Phillips Heejun Han Baylie Brown… Continue reading

Q&A: What that movie about a guy who gives up sex then falls in love?

Question by lexi64111: What that movie about a guy who gives up sex then falls in love? He gives up all sexual contact, etc for lent ( i think?) but then meets a girl who he falls in love… Continue reading

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