Boy band Blue reveal Eurovision ‘anthemic blues’ song

Blue boy band talk about their competition on eurovision 🙂 Video Rating: 4 / 5

İvedik is a fearsome-looking uncultivated driver with a lot of aggression but a spark of goodness in him. Involved by accident in a street fight,… Continue reading

Winners Eurovision Song Contest 1956 – 2007 * Part 1

All winners of Eurovision Song Contest 1956-2007: Part 1: 1956 Switzerland | Lys Assia – Refrain 1957 Netherlands | Corry Brokken – Net Als Toen 1958 France | André Claveau – Dors, Mon Amour 1959 Netherlands | Tedy Scholten –… Continue reading

[WINNER EUROPEAN] Junior Eurovision 2010 Armenia – Vladimir Arzumanyan – Mama

Voters and juries from 14 countries have made up their mind and it’s Vladimir Arzumanyan from Armenia to win the 8th edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest! Congratulations!! Tonight, the show opened with Ksenia Sitnik (winner of the 2005… Continue reading

Eurovision 1979 – Denmark

Tommy Seebach performing “Disco Tango”, the Danish entry at the 1979 Eurovision Song Contest. Making the first of his three appearances at the contest (his 1981 partner Debbie Cameron is visibly on backing vocals here), Tommy offers the first disco… Continue reading

Armenia Winner “MAMA” (Official Video) Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2010

Armenian young Boy Vladimir presents Armenia The Winner is Armenia The 2010 Junior Eurovision Song Contest will be held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. The two-time Junior Eurovision Song Contest winning nation will have their chance to show the… Continue reading

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