New ‘Bella and Rosalie’ Eclipse clip – The Ellen Degeneres Show

Bella: Rosalie, I don’t understand what I did to make you hate me so much. Rosalie: Hate… I don’t hate you. I don’t particularly like you but… Bella, I envy you. Bella: What? That’s ridiculous. Rosalie: No it’s not. You… Continue reading

Set up the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) with Eclipse [Mac]-[v1.1]

This is HenryTheCoder’s tutorial on how to set up and use the Minecraft Coder Pack (MCP) on Mac. In this tutorial I will show you how to set up MCP with ModLoader and Eclipse. If you are on Windows, the… Continue reading

How to Build an Android App Part 1: Setting up Eclipse and Android SDK

In this video, Elite Recognized Developer AdamOutler covers several topics which will get you started on developing your first Android Application. This instructional video covers the entire process from start to finish of creating and loading a new application onto… Continue reading

Android 4.0 Tutorials – Android 4.0 Tutorials – 1. Installing Eclipse and Android ADT

First part of a tutorial series where I develop an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) App. Video Rating: 5 / 5

Learn Java Tutorial 1.1- Setting up Eclipse, Hello World

Learn Java Tutorial 1.1- Setting up Eclipse, Hello World What’s up guys? This is my series for beginning Java Programming. You’ll learn all the basics in this series, and then we will get in to some sweet stuff like game… Continue reading

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