Avengers vs X-Men 2012 : Cyclops hates everybody, Phoenix returns?!

Avengers vs X-Men is Marvel’s big 2012 crossover event, but question is why can’t Cyclops get along with anyone?! And is Hope really this important?! Host Grace Randolph is joined by Agent of STYLE Alan Kistler as they not only… Continue reading

Bra Boys – Cyclops

Clip taken from the movie ‘Bra Boys’ A film about the cultural evolution of the Sydney beach side suburb of Maroubra and the social struggle faced by it’s youth – the notorious surf gang known as the Bra Boys. Video… Continue reading

Film Like A Boss – AE: Cyclops Optic Blast Effect

A concise tutorial on how to create Cyclops’ famous Optic Blast effect in After Effects! This tutorial teaches you the basics of constructing the effect and making it look cool. How you composite the effect afterwards is entirely up to… Continue reading

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