Minecraft – Join your server + admin commands (Cracked + normal)

This tutorial Shows you how to join your server, make yourself admin and the admin commands First i got links to all the sites i used in all tutorials, Then if you scroll down in the description you will get… Continue reading

Kingsoft Office 2012 Professional V8.1.0.3018 Full Cracked – (New updates 2012)

Download From Here:- =================================== Download From Here :- ===================================== Microsoft Office Suite is coming to the iPad sometime in 2012. The suite is thought to include Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Outlook. According to some… – Custom Remap… Continue reading

I think i cracked the secret to making little kids be quiet?

by Jason Hargrove

Question by Aldo: I think i cracked the secret to making little kids be quiet? Put on the movie Shrek the final chapter.. and they just shut up for an hour and a half I’m just… Continue reading

Cracked TV – Looking Ahead: 4 Ways to Make Fun of Obama

Cracked TV Episode #7 Video Rating: 4 / 5


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