My Quake Live Config

Just a quick video showing RattleheaD’s quake live config, and how to manage files between making movies and actually gaming! FTP transfer of you WordPress Content. It is a common mistake to transfer the entire Folder and not the… Continue reading

Doom Building: Teleports (Doom2 config)

Lessong 3, Making teleports in Doom2 configuration. By Jad from

config php

“Config Related” Day of Defeat Source Frag Movie by markbar

Re: Idiots Due to the number of wallhack accusations I shall say this. The wireframes (white people you can see through walls) was put in there by me POST video so you can see the kill shot through the wall.… Continue reading

cod4 pc config test

this will probably be the begining to the cod4 montage im making for pc. let me know if you want a tutorial you want turoials for After effects, 3D max, and pc so far i only have 3 different configs,… Continue reading

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