Polymer Clay Sculpting by Nadiia Evans Fairy in a Box Part 1 (pls read the descrptn before ask)

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Fairy In a Box Part 1 by: or Please read this info before asking your question: -polymer clay brand I am working with is Kato or Fimo, I do not mix them together; -I do… Continue reading

One Piece – Romance Dawn ✘Ch.105 “Luffy & Bon Clay vs Magellan” ★Lets Play PSP

One Piece Romance Dawn for PSP (boss battle + story) Website didn’t even have the chance to active luffy gear second, i will get you on final battle! It’s every youth’s dream to sail the seven seas and become… Continue reading

Complete Control – Ramones Stories, Failed Athletics & a Performance w Grant Lyon & The Henry Clay People

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Today Joe welcomes The Henry Clay People and Grant Lyon to hang out and talk about music and comedy on Joey Ramone’s birthday. Joe, Joey and Grant talk about their early influences, gateway drugs, talent shows and the… Continue reading

Polymaniacs – Polymer Clay Boba Tea

NEW GAMING CHANNEL: FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: PaperPastels TWITTER: WEBSITE: MERCH NOW OPEN! 🙂 MY CHANNELS: VLOG: BEAUTY: CRAFTS: GAMING: ヾ(^∇^) Send me mail, charms, or anything else! Ashley Ruiz PO Box 772681… Continue reading

Minecraft Clay Soldiers – SUN & MOON ARENA Battle! Subs Bet Match #66!

GameChap and Bertie are on a Fan-Made Map – the Square Sun and Moon arena – for another thrilling Clay Soldiers war; a Sub Match between four mighty armies! Which one shall emerge victorious? NEW BATTLE FORT RULES Instructions: Make… Continue reading

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