Mount & Blade Warband – E056 – Enough Peace, War Against Rhodoks Begins

After a short peace, Violet is called to war when Sultan Hakim declares war against Kingdom of Rhodoks. Click ‘Like’ and ‘Add to… Favorites’ if you like this video. Helps me make more! And tell me what you think in… Continue reading

Mount & Blade Warband – E146 – Siege of Reyvadin Begins

Violet besieges Knudarr Castle, but her men have trouble finding the enemy in the maze of a castle walls that she abandons it soon. She does another assault on Kelderan Castle, but that isn’t succesful either. Soon a word reaches… Continue reading

El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron – Walkthrough (Part 1) – Chapter 0: The Journey Begins

Please make sure to LIKE the video. It helps a lot. For all El Shaddai videos, click the playlist here: SUBSCRIBE! ► ► Channels: ► ► Click here to watch John Woo Presents 7… Continue reading

LXD: The Uprising Begins

From visionary writer/director Jon M. Chu comes THE LXD: THE LEGION OF EXTRAORDINARY DANCERS. Join seemingly ordinary people who discover they have extraordinary powers in a groundbreaking mythology about hope, greed, love and the force that moves us all.q Video Rating: 0 / 5

Goal! The Dream Begins

The amazingly gifted Santiago Munez, a young immigrant living in the barrios of Los Angeles, has an impossible dream — to play soccer for a world class team. Unexpectedly getting a tryout with one of England’s premier soccer clubs, Newcastle… Continue reading

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