Techmaster PEB – Scratchin’ Megabass Mix (Bass Computer) 1991

Another classic, bangin’ tune for the old-school bassheads. Artist: Techmaster PEB (Patrick E. Baker) Song: “Scratchin’ Megabass Mix” Album: Bass Computer Label: Newtown Music Group Release date: July 8, 1991 Written, performed, engineered and produced by Techmaster PEB (Patrick E.… Continue reading

Sunset Riders – arcade (1991)

theres a few sunset riders vid’s on youtube already but this one is an experiment especially on the audio interleave and codec using camtasia which was bugging the hell outta me on Monster Maulers (which I love to redo). Its… Continue reading

Chicago Bulls @ Detroit Pistons | 1991 Playoffs | ECF Game 4: Bad Boys are history

They ended years of frustration. They ended the Detroit Pistons’ two-year reign as champions. And now, the Chicago Bulls can begin thinking about playing in the NBA finals for the first time. Making it look easy, the Bulls completed a… Continue reading

Clockhammer – Nullify (1991)

Clockhammer was a band from Nashville, TN that blended a unique collection of jazz, funk, and metal together into a strange and wonderful symphony. The song “Nullify” appeared on Clockhammer’s 1991 album entitled “Klinefelter”. This video was created using Windows… Continue reading

Beauty And The Beast (1991)

Beauty And The Beast (1991) I finally get to use it. The word that I have been longing to use since the invention of Blu-ray. And the word is…Perfect. For the first time since the start of Blu-ray reviews on… Continue reading

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