Q&A: Can you run Windows using a Apple laptop Macintosh OSX?

Question by asdfghjk: Can you run Windows using a Apple laptop Macintosh OSX?
I have a Apple Macbook.not a pro.And i wanted to buy these computer games like Sims 2 or Roller coaster Tycoon which only runs on Windows.is there something you can download to get Windows instead & play these games?& run Window Movie Maker 2& Window softwares?

In addition,iMovie sucks to me.Whenever i make a amv or something.A 3 min. clip takes 2 GB.Which i cant fit in on youtube which my youtube account only allows you to upload 100mb videos.So i i use those online video editors onetruemedia.com that makes me do montages that takes less space.Im too jaded to go there.So is there a software I can download besides iMovie
that you can edit videos & compress videos that doesnt gobble ub your whole memory?
yea.i wished i havent traded my hp windows laptop for a mac
Someone tell me the url for bootcamp also it needs to be free.

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Answer by Tomasthanes
Look for an Apple software product called Parallels…

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