Merman Eric and Mermaid Melissa

Merman Eric and Mermaid Melissa swimming as CC the manatee passes through, like a friend passing on the street. This is the message to share with others, to co-exist and not intrude on their underwater world. Merman Eric and Mermaid Melissa are Professional Aquatic performers, fully insured and licensed company. Mermaid Melissa is known as “A Real Life Mermaid” featured in the 2011 Spring issue 14 of FAE Magazine with an exclusive story inside full of pictures and an article on her “Magical Mermaid in the Making” true story! Merman Eric has swam as an Underwater Performer at Weeki Wachee Springs, a Pearl Diver at SeaWorld, and Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. As a promotional model & underwater performer, Merman Eric and Mermaid Melissa provide aquatic services both above and below the water for individuals and companies worldwide. Please join our Facebook pages to be updated on all my latest projects Make a splash at your next party or event by hiring Magical & Mythical Melissa who is known as a “Professional Real Life Mermaid” that will ‘flip” your expectations and turn your pool party into an experience that is, “A scale above the rest!” Thai Recipes How to make sticky rice, also known as sweet rice or gluttonous rice. You don’t need a special steamer or be a professional chef to make sticky rice. We show you how to cook sticky rice with basic kitchen tools you already have at home. Our guest host is Bell who never cooked Thai food until recently and is following the recipes directly from the PDF document that you can download free from our web site. Please click on the Sticky Rice Recipe under the Rice section at the top of the page where you will find the best and easiest methods for cooking rice at home. More Thai recipes at . Free Thai recipes including this Thai sticky rice recipe. It is interesting that glutinous rice does not contain any gluten, but has the same texture and feel of foods high in gluten. Could it could be used to replace gluten in some foods? Anyway, an excellent gluten free choice for people on a gluten free diet. Glutinous rice (Oryza sativa var. glutinosa or Oryza glutinosa; also called sticky rice, sweet rice, waxy rice, botan rice, biroin chal, mochi rice, and pearl rice, and pulut) is a type of short-grained Asian rice that is especially sticky when cooked. It is called glutinous in the sense of being glue-like or sticky and not in the sense of containing gluten; on the other hand, it is called sticky but should not be confused with the other varieties of Asian rice that become sticky to one degree or another when cooked. Similar to Laos
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