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How to Make your iPhone Camera Better! Almost everyone loves their iPhone 4 camera, but what if you could improve your iPhone camera, and make it better? In this video, that is exactly what I do! Show you how to make your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch camera better! I show two apps that should help, as well as talk about some other tips. First is Camera+. Camera+ is an amazing photography app, it has great shooting capabilities, as well as great photo effects that don’t look cheesy. I really love this app for its filter called Clarity, clarity really helps the shot out quite a bit and make it look so much better! This is probably my favorite way to make your iPhone Camera better, plus, it’s only .99! You can check out it’s website at or it’s iTunes page http Next, I show Filmic Pro. Filmic Pro is a really good way to improve video on your iPhone 4, you can change the framerate (fps), add bars, add a slate, change the resolution, and more! This app makes it easy to use manual controls on your iPhone 4’s video camera, and for only .99, this can make really high quality professional videos at a great price. You can find it on iTunes here: Next is a hardware solution to make your iPhone camera better, and that is the Glif. The Glif is a really cool iPhone tripod mount stand for only that looks great. It can really improve your low light shots, as well as video pans. You can pick one up at Last is neither software or hardware, it’s

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