The Daily Songer – I Love Troll Comments (Song #18)

I Love Troll Comments (Response to comments on Asteroid 2005 YU55 Song) Original Song LIKE Favorite, thumbs up! It helps me a lot! The Daily Songer #18 I got a comment on the song about Asteroid 2005 YU55, which I thought was quite amusing but a bit confusing. If you’re going to make a negative comment, fine, make it somewhat articulate. I would like to be able to understand it in order to take the advice for what it’s worth. If it has some useful information then fine. If it’s just angry half-gibberish well then not so fine! So of course, I wrote a song about it. I Love Troll Commnets By Dan Tulloh © 2011 Lyrics I got this hater comment today. Well I have to say, what??? It said Darkside of YouTube well I wondered for a while, What does that mean? Are you making a pink Floyd reference? Or is it just because an asteroid hitting the earth and blacking out the sun would make a cloud and make it dark or is it about space is dark because it doesn’t reflect light or is it about uh oh nevermind So I responded please explain, Then I got this comment back If a write a song bout my “male genitalia” it’s disproportional to the rest of my anatomy What the pip gonna say. What is pip anyway? Are you talking about Gladys knight and the pips? if so what are those pips thinking about some song about human biology anomalies anyway? They went on the describe my music as spiritual, well I’m not sure how a song about an asteroid making a near miss with earth is spiritual, but
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