Online Advertising Strategy Tips Benefits Advantages

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Online Advertising Strategy Tips Benefits Advantages

Article by Anil Bhat

Online Advertising Strategy Tips Benefits Advantages – Advertising – Online Advertising

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Advertising is the first step to market your product efficiently. And one has to choose the methods depending upon the demands of the customers and situation of the market. Prices must be decided accordingly. Perhaps, the best media for advertising are Television, Newspaper, magazines, hoardings, flashes at different restaurants, on screens advertisements at different, malls, shopping complexes etc. Also, you have to take care of the mindset of the target audience. For example if one company is launching a food product for health conscious people one has to take care of the proper scientific researches as these people really like those kind of “scientific facts”, similarly, if one is looking something for children you have to find out ways to advertise which must be “catchy enough” for children and if you are targeting for children whose parents are worried about their health then you have to perhaps target all possible combinations to catch their attention.

1. Breaking the Ice and Catching Audience Attention:
If you have to break the ice at the first instance, then try to catch the attention of the target audience.

2. Understanding the Psychology or Mindset of the target population:
Try to analyze the common needs and perceptions of the target audience. Take care of the age group, gender needs, cultural roles, and popularity. e.g. if you are targeting nail polish first you must have the complete report and then only you could think about how to attract their attention about your product.

3. Market Research and Analyses:
Unless one does not have the complete knowledge about the requirement of the product in the market or demand of the product amongst the masses you cannot do much. First you have to understand that how could you make your product easily popular in the first go, how to catch attention for all sorts of group, how to portray its benefits amongst the masses and how you could sell it with a greater margin. For that you have to analyze market trends for different age groups and genders and analyze the current situation.

4. Creativity and novelty which could be accepted:
One has to think and create the story line of the advertisement in a manner that it works effectively for the target population. The contents of the advertisement must be such that it is appealing to the masses and it does not make them feel bored.

5. Imagination, marketing with entertainment:
One must not be a copy cat and adopt a previously used script for advertising, rather it must be imagined in a manner that it could be original way of entertaining the audience at the same time beating the competitor in a healthy manner. Audience would watch it only if they find it entertaining. The more entertaining it is, with a little touch of emotional content for them-the more they would watch it and then it would go into their “permanent memory” (long term memory)-making the product and brand more popular.

6. Stand Unique and portray with a difference:
Every content of the advertisement script must be uniquely portrayed and the product and brand must appeal with a difference.

7. Little Touch of scientific facts with researches:
Little touch of science move the people towards the product because this appears to be a well studied fact. Make a preliminary research about thee product, analyze the results e.g. effects of your cosmetics on the skin health and so on.

8. Message must be clear, comprehensible and Understandable:
Message for the audience must be simple, clear, and meaningful to the masses. It must be easily comprehensible and the under the easy understanding of the audience at the same time entertaining them.

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