Capture The Wool – Map 2 “Abandoned Ocean”

Download link: www.planetminecraft.com Hope you all enjoy my second CTW map! I’m sure I’ll be making many more to come! Already have an idea for my third one 😉 Enjoy guys, and leave some feedback! =) Music by Machinimasound.com: Sunrise

Minecraft Mini Mods – Ep.3.5 – Real Time Wool Coloring – Dye Place Wool Mod

Show that LIKE button some love on this video and the video from Realm 🙂 This is part 2 of a weekly series with Mini Mods. Each week we will make 2 mods for Realm, and the third will go… Continue reading

Minecraft Tutorials – E31 Dye and Colored Wool (Survive and Thrive II)

How to Survive and Thrive in Minecraft! In this episode, we make 15 colored dyes and use them to dye wool blocks and sheep! Download this tutorial world: paulsoaresjr.com or create it from scratch: www.youtube.com BLOG: paulsoaresjr.com TWITTER twitter.com FACEBOOK:… Continue reading

Carding Wool – Making Rolags

Handspinners who want to master long-draw drafting for woollen spinning need their fibres in a special form: carded rolags. Combed fibre won’t do it — neither will carded batts. This introduction shows you how to make carded rolags. Start by washing your fleece….

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