Halo 4 News – Halo 4 News: Longbow Full Match Infinity Slayer RTX w/ Commentary

Full match of longbow on infinity slayer , plus what i see and opinions at the end Leave a rating and share guys, helps out a ton and please subscribe ———————————————————————– Please “Share” this to help spread this Halo 4… Continue reading

☼ Runescape – Update Video + Slayer Vlog!

Hello everyone! I am just bringing you all a quick update video on what I have been up to recently as well as my new goal of 99 slayer! I hope you all enjoy the video and show your support… Continue reading

Slayer Series Episode #6 – Close to Kuradel – EFFIGIES!

Follow me on Twitter!: ^^PLEASE!^^ =D Hey guys, welcome to Episode#6 of my new Slayer Series! Sorry for not making a video in 4 days! If you enjoy remember to leave a LIKE, it really helps me out. SUBSCRIBE… Continue reading

☼ Runescape – My Adventure to 99 Slayer! Ep. 2

Hey guys just bringing you a quick update video on my road to 99 slayer! I hope you guys enjoy the video! If you guys enjoyed the video show your support by leaving a like and comment! For more runescape… Continue reading

☼ Runescape – Bloodvelds Slayer Guide

Hey guys just bringing you another slayer guide to my slayer series to help others out on my road to 99 slayer! I hope this video helped someone in someway! If this video helped you in any way please show… Continue reading

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