Out of Sight (8/10) Movie CLIP – Hotel Strip Tease (1998) HD

Out of Sight Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe Jack (George Clooney) and Karen (Jennifer Lopez) play a co…

Hello everyone! My friend Mars asked me to create sounds for a movie he is making!… Continue reading

Sight and Sounds of the Making of Bo La Lot

The Vietnamese opens their conversation with ‘bo la lot’. Bo means beef, la lot is wild betel leaf, it’s minced beef wrapped in wild betel leaf. Here is the sight and sounds of how to make bo la lot in… Continue reading

Adjusting Your Pistol Sights: B&J Universal Sight Tool

Well-built and it will fit most handguns, the P500 B&J Universal Sight Tool has worked well for me. A few minutes of adjustment and a tape “shim” to prevent marring will have you on your way. It’s more precise than… Continue reading

Nollywood Movies for Kids : Any Hope In Sight

by JCT(Loves)Streisand*

Nollywood Movies for Kids : Any Hope In Sight

In most parts of the world, especially in the developed countries, the visual needs of the children are taken care of. Due to the vulnerable nature that comes with… Continue reading

Regal, AMC, Showcase to add technology for sight and hearing impaired

Mosman Library Special Effects Make Up Workshop for teens Image by Mosman Library Mosman Library ran a school holiday workshop for teens all about how to do movie special effects make-up. We learned how to do bruises, black eyes and… Continue reading

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