One Seed – a children’s story and song

“It took One Seed to make a difference!” – One Seed is a children’s story and song by Rosemary Phillips, performed by Rosemary and “The Seeds”. (For just the…

Lesson 1 of 13: This tutorial will cover the new iMovie… Continue reading

From seed to loaf (part 1 of 2) allotment scale production of bread making wheat

This video is about small-scale wheat production using modified garden machinery and a home-built threshing machine. I grow my own wheat and make bread not because its 10% cheaper but because I think its 100% better – and it gives… Continue reading

Perfect Grade Gundam Seed Astray Red Frame Stop Motion Build

This is my first stop motion build video ever. At an incredible 1318-frames, it was definetely a challenge! The dedication of this video goes out to all my friends and fans of ~LA~ Studios as well as 2Old4Toys in hopes… Continue reading

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