Polymer Clay Sculpting by Nadiia Evans Fairy in a Box Part 1 (pls read the descrptn before ask)

Polymer Clay Sculpting: Fairy In a Box Part 1 by: or Please read this info before asking your question: -polymer clay brand I am working with is Kato or Fimo, I do not mix them together; -I do… Continue reading

Sculpting a Human Head in Blender

See more tutorials are Hello and welcome to this tutorial on sculpting a human head in Blender! This tutorial takes you through the complete process of sculpting a human head from a simple basemesh in Blender. This tutorial looks… Continue reading

Stop Motion Puppet Making Video 1: Armature for Sculpting

This video explains the process of making a simple armature for sculpting a puppet design or maquette. You will use this design to sculpt a puppet in oil based clay and then mold the sculpture to make a foam latex… Continue reading

What is Autodesk Mudbox digital sculpting software?

Mudbox gives artists the freedom to digitally sculpt and paint without worrying about the technical details. It is used by professionals working in film, games and television, as well as artists who work with traditional media, amateur enthusiasts, graphic designers and illustrators.

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