If Quake was done today

EN: My (probably futile) attempt on making a statement about the quality of shooters this generation. DE: Mein (wahrscheinlich zweckloser) Versuch ein Statement über die momentan vorherrschende Qualität bei Egoshootern abzugeben. idea: Thomas Floeter, Kai Moosmann

My Quake Live Config

Just a quick video showing RattleheaD’s quake live config, and how to manage files between making movies and actually gaming!

www.upstartsolutions.net FTP transfer of you WordPress Content. It is a common mistake to transfer the entire Folder and not the… Continue reading

Man Saru – Quake Live Community Movie

Download: baal.lab6.org Featuring: – 1nvictum – Asatic – bat0u – chocapix – DB_F4b14n – dksl – fl0r3nt – fub0r – J0bba – jdktoo – Lewi85 – Moppelkotze007 – moppz – mousestar – poketschike – Ravestyle – RedSilias – satan_inside –… Continue reading

Nine Inch Nails – Quake – Hall Of Souls

Another remarkable theme from the legendary PC-game Quake, released in 1996, which became a worthy follower of the id-software´s cult Doom. But what makes this game a very special one is the dark creepy occult soundtrack composed by Trent Reznor.… Continue reading

Recent quake in New Zealand reverberates with local woman

Recent quake in New Zealand reverberates with local woman The smile on Georgina Marks’ face disappears when she thinks about the devastation last month’s powerful earthquake wreaked on her former home of Christchurch, New Zealand.Marks, who lives with her family… Continue reading

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