Battlefield 3: How to Set Up a Private Server on Console

Luetin explains the setup and features of the new private servers available on both the PS3 and Xbox. In this video we look at all the functionality. And how to set your server to make it correctly private without it… Continue reading

How to make aqw private server (Full tutorial)

Read Read Read Read Read Read Read Read Read Read: SUBCRIBE!!! First you need Download this files: 1. Xamp: 2.Hamachi: 3. Source: New link updated 11/2/2012: Source password… Video Rating: 4 / 5

How To Make A WoW Private Server 3.3.5a [ArcEmu] [HD]

If this video helped you in some way please give it a like and subscribe 🙂 Repack — Navicat — Codes — 0 = regular player GM = Game Master az = administrator Facebook — Twitter —… Continue reading

How to make a private server on minecraft !

Subscribe here for help! – Server Software – Hamachi – Hope this helped guys 🙂 have fun !

How to Download, Install, and Use Hamachi for RSPS [RuneScape Private Servers]

You don’t need hamachi to play this server, it was just an example. ^thats the best server ever :] Just the most basic guide I could make. Credit: Hard to Handle by The Black Crowes Runescape is owned by… Continue reading

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