Computer Software: HOW TO Make Ocean Waves In Painter X

Video for the Visually Impaired. Please enable Closed Captions [CC] to get the most out of this video. Graphics Software, Painter X.

Combine Photoshop and Painter to create a male vampire with Mélanie Delon

Download this Twilight-style workshop PDF and its brushes FREE: This video by Melanie Delon accompanies a step by step workshop featured in ImagineFX magazine issue 57. For more info on ImagineFX visit: Get a FREE digital edition of… Continue reading

How to Draw & Paint a Baby Dragon – Corel Painter & Wacom Intuos 3 (Part 3 – Final)

Part 3 of a digital painting tutorial using Corel Painter and a Wacom pen tablet. Part 1 began with the concept or idea and progressing to a grayscale painting. Part 2 adds more details and refines the dragon into a… Continue reading

Beauty with brains, Lisa Ray and the much controversial painter, MF Hussain – Episode 74

Funnyman Shekhar welcomes hot and sexy Canadian model of Indian origin Lisa Ray and also the most controversial and famous painter MF Hussain. Watch to find out more. Movers and Shakers is a late night talk show that was hosted… Continue reading

Corel Painter 12 & Adobe Photoshop CS4_ Ometochtli: Making by Akeno Omokoto

Ps CS4 & Painter 12 – 2h aprox – By Akeno Omokoto Ometochtli is the collective or generic name of various individual deities and supernatural figures associated with pulque (octli), an alcoholic beverage derived from the fermented sap of… Continue reading

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