3D video mapping projection brings buildings alive.mp4

really cool projector effects–i did not make this just passing it along;)

Filem Stereoscopic 3D pertama Malaysia mengisahkan perjalanan hidup Budi yang dilahirkan pada tahun lompat 29 Februari 1896 dan hanya dimakan usia 4 tahun se… Video Rating: 0 / 5

XMind Review – Mind Mapping Software

I’m doing 7 reviews of mind mapping software in (about) 7 days. I’ll download the software, spend at least 1 day with it, and then use it to create the revie…

NuFormer 3D Video Mapping Projection on Buildings | Impressive and stylish projections on buildings, a renewing way of communicating. For those who want to carry out a message in a striking and visually attractive way with guaranteed exposure: 3D Projection on buildings is the communication… Continue reading

Source Mapping Tutorial 9 – Water, Glass and Teleporters

This instructional video teaches how to make water, glass panes that break and teleporters. A higher quality version is available here:

UVW mapping tutorial 3d max 1/2 Tutorial #18

Tutorial 3d max uvw mapping. How to uvw mapping 3ds max. Blog Video Rating: 4 / 5

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