Charice – “Louder” Official Lyric Video

© 2011 WMG Charice’s brand new single “Louder” is out now on iTunes here: wbr.fm Don’t forget to comment and rate the video! For more Charice: twitter.com facebook.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

GeekBeatTV #224: revision3.com A 3D notebook that… Continue reading

Louder Than a Bomb

Every year, more than six hundred teenagers from over sixty Chicago area schools gather for the world’s largest youth poetry slam, a competition known as “Louder Than a Bomb.” Founded in 2001, “Louder Than a Bomb” is the only event… Continue reading

How to make a song louder in mastering – and the price you pay

More info: productionadvice.co.uk Make a song loud using mastering compression, EQ and limiting – a video tutorial. If you’re interested in the multiband compression eBook, there are more details here: productionadvice.co.uk – and the plugins I’m using are by MeldaProduction… Continue reading

How can I make movies play louder?

by nhussein

Question by just one thing: How can I make movies play louder? I have a laptop, and I can play music really loud, but most movies sound very quiet even at 100%. I have downloaded two different… Continue reading

DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans – Louder (Official Video)

DJ Fresh ft. Sian Evans – Louder (Official Video) MAKE SICK BEATS! 07be35gns-50rl2z8–q16pz51.hop.clickbank.net Lyrics \/ I can’t control this feeling, Something’s happening inside me, Our senses come alive, The chemistry is building, It’s something that we’re feeling, There’s nowhere you… Continue reading

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