Is It A Good Idea To Microwave A Slinky?

Poll: Who’s your favorite microwave from the show? Experiment #154: Slinky Jory feels that Slinkies bring too much happiness into this world… and since Jory is a bitter old coot – he feels like making the world just a… Continue reading

Telmo and Tula – Plasticine Bouquet of flowers – Idea present Mother’s Day, handmade crafts

Telmo and Tula will teach children how to develop their own Arts & Crafts skills using all kind of materials: plasticine, papier mache, clay, ink, etc. Join them and their new pet, Paquito, a tiny mouse, into a world that… Continue reading

DIY No Sewing Oversized Envelope Clutch Part 1 (Gift Idea)

Please LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to my channel! Watch how to style this red oversized Watch new videos every Monday! Want to learn how to make an oversize envelope clutch bag without sewing? This video shows you how to measure,… Continue reading

Is It A Good Idea To EDIT This?

In a full-resolution, real-time screen capture, Jon takes you through the editing process on “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave Gasoline”… from beginning to end. Learn some tips and techniques, or find out what types of shots and jokes… Continue reading

Google I/O 2011: How to Get Your Startup Idea Funded by Venture Capitalists

Don Dodge, Joe Kraus, Paul Buchheit, Seth Priebatsch Have an idea and want to start a company? Learn how to attract investors, and what they want to see before writing a check. Hear from entrepreneurs who have raised money and… Continue reading

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