Cod4 Pc Frag movie – MINDless By Barkerr. Just a short frag video, read below… Did this in about 2 weeks. I don’t really like the outcome but oh well, i know most people wont like the songs but i do so i used them 😀 Also… Continue reading

Counter Strike Best Frag Movie (IGNITION)

IGNITION Creator – SavagE of Illusion-Pictures Game – Counter-Strike 1.6 Starring – Various players (see below) Music – Dumonde, Flutlicht, Sunbeam, Dirt Devils, Aly and Fila (see tracklist below) Codec – Windows Media Video 9.1 Length – 7:50 minutes Bitrate… Continue reading

Sony Vegas – How to create blood – For frag movies [VOICE]

Difficulty: Intermediate For this tutorial you will need: – Sony Vegas – Blood footage (Action Essentials) A tutorial on how to create basic blood in Sony Vegas 9.0c (pro). Sorry if my mic quality sucks, it’s because I recorded it… Continue reading

CoD2 | The Fox Company • Mara [Frag Movie]

A COD2 Fragmovie by Mara “After 8 months of work I´m glad to present you my finest fragmovie I have ever done. Its about Team Fox company, starring me and my great friends (ziqeeer, SaSek, Temor, Vlcoun and… Continue reading

Best Ever Cod4 Frag Movie – Paramount [HD]

DRFTxCommunity video’s directly from your browser without leaving your current page! Try it now! Jay – “Paramount is different, this movie has it all in my opinion, Ive never had so much fun making a movie, and trying new… Continue reading

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