BYOD – Who Killed the Electric Car? and Revenge of the Electric Car w Director Chris Paine

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Chris Paine is a filmmaker with a scientific background to back up his passion. Having worked on the Mars rovers, his interest in electric vehicles was stoked to a degree that saw him make “Who Killed the Electric… Continue reading

Bring Your Own Doc – “Defiant Requiem,” Director Doug Schultz on DocuWeeks

EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Doug Schultz joins BYOD to discuss an often-overlooked and elegaically creative chapter of the Holocaust. “Defiant Requiem,” shows how the residents of a ghetto in WWII managed to create art under the most horrendous circumstances, while waiting to… Continue reading

Power Director 10 Review Twitter: Facebook: Empireavenue: Power Director 10 the latest in video editing software from Cyberlink studio. PD10 continues its trend of easy to use video editing software, PD10 like its predecessor PD 9 now takes advantage 64… Continue reading

BYOD – Paul Williams: Still Alive with Director Stephen Kessler EPISODE SYNOPSIS: Paul Williams is an instantly recognizable face from the 1970’s that, among other things, performed as an actor and musician and wrote, “The Rainbow Connection.” Our guest, Stephen Kessler created the feature doc, “Paul… Continue reading

– Careers – Susanne Goldstein, “Carry a Paintbrush: How to Be the Artistic Director of Your Own Career”

This week, Lisa gives us a cool new tip for those in the entertainment or food industry, tells you a tale of what happens when you forget to zip up, and goes into a in-depth discussion with the author of… Continue reading

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