SM134 Short: Cooking With Chef Mario!

I hope everyone enjoys this short! It was fun too make and its made with my new camera and editing software! And yes the lasagna was deeeeeeeelicious! 😀 Woo…

Secret to Perfect French Fries with Chef Ludo Lefebvre

Trendy, pop-up restaurant chef, Ludo Lefebvre, teaches us a trick for making flavorful French fries, how to keep the color in your cooked vegetables, the best way to sharpen a knife, and a tip for a delicious tomato salad. After… Continue reading

Rock the Wok With Chef Jet Tila

Chef Jet Tila holds The Guinness World Record for largest stir-fry at 4010 pounds. Now, Jet shows us how to easily make the scaled-down version at home. Chef/owner of the Charleston Restaurant in Santa Monica, Jet’s got the expert stir-fry… Continue reading

Psycho the Chef – Massive Meat Sandwich

Psycho The Chef is on location at a New Jersey state college dormitory making up his patented “mama got soul on a roll” consisting of pastrami, bacon, ham, eggs, cheese steak, chicken fingers, and potatoes. Video Rating: 3 / 5

AXE Chickipedia – Cooking and Girlfriends – Disaster Chef – Ep 18

Have you ever fed your food to the dog under the table or gone to bed hungry because your girlfriend cannot cook. Girlfriends live under a myth that they are the best cooks in the world and if you don’t… Continue reading

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