Video: Screen Capture in 720p or 1080p HD Quality Free with CamStudio | How-To!

This video is brought to you by: The Screen Capturing Software and Codec can be downloaded from my site at Today’s video shows you how to do a screen capture of your desktop in 720p or 1080p HD… Continue reading

Using Camstudio to Screen Record Video Tutorials to request tutorials I don’t provide camstudio tech support so see the FAQ. don’t ask me. Download CamStudio: Download Lame: Download Divx: You can also use xvid Make sure width and height are divisible… Continue reading

01b – Installing Add-on Software – Sizer, Zoomit, and VirtualDub – to use with CamStudio

Like it, please! Part of the “How to Use CamStudio” Playlist: Useful Add-ons for CamStudio. Please Rate! Also visit to subscribe to my newsletter and read more related articles. Additionally, see the following video to see how to… Continue reading

CamStudio playback too large!?

Question by John K: CamStudio playback too large!? Hi, I’ve just downloaded CamStudio. Everything is fine except that the movie is far too large. It’s actually the same size as my screen, but most Video capture programs make the… Continue reading

How To Download CamStudio

This video shows you how to download CamStudio Good things about this program: This program is a good quality screen recorder FREE! This program has no viruses what so ever No lag when recording! Good for Making any computer based… Continue reading

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