Awesome Text Effect – Motion Tutorial

A cool tutorial for Apple’s motion. I’ll show you how to make that professional text look for your next video project. Hosted by Zach King. for more HD video tutorials and editing tools. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Winter Girls Song! The Key of Awesome #34!!

Put your hands in the air for the girls of winter! Watch the Behind the Scenes HERE: Subscribe! directed by Tom Small music: Jake Chudnow lyrics: Mark Douglas and Todd Womack Aww yeah lay down that sensual massage… Continue reading

Dunk Plays Fez – S1 Ep. 3 (Awesome Turtle) [ Lets Play Fez ]

Immense Z. Dunk Plays Fez (Let’s play Fez). Season 1: Episode 3. A lets play on the game Fez. From Episode 5 onwards I will start talking more about the game & less about me 😛 I have never done… Continue reading

*NEW* Make An Awesome Facebook Profile Picture (Mac, PC) Facebook Page GO LIKE IT One line: Two line: Three line: No line: Due to the new Facebook, I’ve had to re-create my video on how to create an awesome Facebook profile picture. This… Continue reading

Super Awesome Interactions with jQuery

jQuery makes it simple to create highly interactive web applications, making it easier then ever to create terrible interactions that send your users running for the hills. Applying basic design tools like sketching, design before implementation, and interaction grids will… Continue reading

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