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285/365 at the movies
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Daily Shoot: Stairs and ramps lead the eye and take us places. Make a photo of a stair or ramp that you see today. (@Melhutch)

These stairs take you to exciting adventures and new places, in the amazing world of the silver screen. Despite all the modern technology to watch movies in the comfort of your own home, there is nothing like sharing a collective viewing experience with strangers inside a dark movie theatre.

Tonight it was Julia Roberts in ‘Eat, pray, love’, who took me from New York, through Rome and India to the middle of the palmtrees in Bali. Escapism at its best, on a cold evening with even the first few snow flakes.

Sony Pictures eyes cheaper film downloads
Hollywood studios are looking to get consumers buying movies again. Analysts have said there’s no way people will pay DVD prices for movie downloads. Have the studios begun to listen?
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Crysis 2 (PC)
This big, bold sequel offers an eerie vision of a city under siege.
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Early years in Young America Township Metcalf and Hume
SARAH SCHMIDT Both towns on the rails, Hume and Metcalf sprang into existence from the influence of incoming railroads in the Edgar County area.
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