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MAKING OF: Servicio a domicilio
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Image by Charlie Perez
Fotos de making of del cortometraje "SERVICIO A DOMICILIO" rodado en Guayaquil en octubre de 2007. Estreno en enero de 2008!!!

Picture shots of the short film "SERVICIO A DOMICILIO" ( HOME DELIVERY) shot on Guayaquil in october 2007. Premiere in january 2008!!!

Digifilm and Navarre Release “THE QUICK & DIRTY GUIDE TO HIP HOP” Dance/Exercise DVD On May 10, Celebrating National …
Scientists recently identified certain dance moves that make you look more attractive to potential mates. Instinctively, that is what Syndee and Phil teach in this DVD. This DVD contends that the body communicates more clearly than the brain. To put it simply, dancing is better than talking. (PRWeb May 11, 2011) Read the full story at …
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Water play for dogs is fun and good exercise, but there are a few risks
LOS ANGELES, Calif. – When you think of four-legged swimmers, Labrador retrievers might come to mind. But any dog can take to the water if enticed properly.
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Shrieking Success: Bhatt?s Second 3D Flick On Anvil
It’s been quite a scream of a success, though Vikram Bhatt’s naysayers would like to assert otherwise. As per trade reports, Haunted 3D, has vaulted itself to be a Big Time winner and is being cited as having “India’s largest horror film opening.” The Mahakshay and Tia Bajpai starrer released across 1044 screens in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu, grossed over INR 13 crores on its opening weekend. …
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